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Image by Warren Wong

At The Dreamer's Desk, we believe in the power of words to help create a more vibrant, free and thoughtful world.  We also believe that young people have the unique ability to see the wonder, the sorrow, the joy and the endless possibilities that exist in our world, free from so many of the biases or hesitations we may develop as we grow into adults.  At The Dreamer's Desk, our goal is to create a nurturing, inspiring gathering place for today's youth to explore the written word, play with the possibilities of language, create meaningful friendships and discover their most authentic, empowered, thoughtful voices.

Each class session will include readings and discussion from a diverse selection of poets and prose writers, guided writing prompts, and optional, interactive sharing time.  Students can expect to engage in a writing process that feels exciting, new and liberating. 

These classes are not English classes (we do not discuss grammar, punctuation or academic frameworks), though students will  find that by virtue of learning new ways to articulate the ideas, characters, plots, images or dreams they are most passionate about, their writing and communication skills will improve in all areas of their lives. 



As part of our practice, we will regularly select an organization whose work we believe is helping achieve the dreams set forth by today's youth, and make a donation to this organization on their behalf. 


Most often, we hear today's youth saying their dreams look like... equity.  Like a clean, safe planet.  A world where their voices are heard and their dreams are respected.  They want honesty, vibrancy, freedom, equity and the chance to create a future that is their own.  They want a world motivated by love.  

Stay tuned to learn about the organizations we will be sharing our support with for our next session!

Image by Adam Cain
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