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  • My child is a rising 6th grader/9th grader. Which group should they join?
    This is entirely up to you and your child, and which group your child feels most comfortable in. Each course, regardless of level, aims to meet each student where they are, and to provide inspiring material for all. This is why The Dreamer's Desk works to keep courses small.
  • My child struggles with writing in school, and doesn't enjoy it (but I wish they did). Is this an appropriate class for them?"
    YES. At The Dreamer's Desk, all writers, at all levels, are welcome. Often our classes are made up of a range of students at varying levels; some are very serious young writers with dreams of becoming novelists, while others may have found their writing educations, so far, unfulfilling. We get it. When writing is a chore, or taught as a very mechanical process, much of the joy and freedom can become lost for the student. At The Dreamer's Desk, we aim to help young people who have yet to discover their love of language thrive, as well as to help advance the dreams of aspiting young writers. We have found that a dynamic class, where students have varying backgrounds and interests, only helps further inspire this process.
  • Will this class help my child with their English work at school?
    While this is not an english class, and we do not teach grammar, syntax or academic forms, we have found that engaging in creative writing work absolutely reflects on the work your children do in school (and not just in their english classes). At The Dreamer's Desk, we are teaching poems, stories, and how to dive into the true depths of the imagination. In doing so, we are also teaching communication, empathy, and - we hope - inspiring a love of language! We are used to hearing young writers tell us how unhappy they are about their english classes, and the lack of connection they feel to the topics. Why should they have to write a book report on a book they don't even like, they ask? Reading is no fun when they HAVE to do it, they say. We get it! We remember! One of our goals is to help young writers tap into their own curiosity, and discover the real joy in discovery of all kinds. Is there any topic that is truly boring, when we look very, very closely? ...Well, probably. But, when we're really observant, and act with creativity and imagination, even the most seemily dull or mundane task can look very different than we may have thought. At The Dreamer's Desk, by inspiring curiosity, helping young writers connect to the topics they are most eager to explore, and offering them a sense of freedom within the world of words, their engagement with english and other classes - and many aspects of their lives, for that matter - can benefit.
  • Do you offer class packages for educators?
    If you are interested in bringing The Dreamer's Desk into your classroom, after school program, camp or other educational spaces, or for a special event, please send us a message including the number of students you work with, their grade, and any specifics you have about the experience you may be looking for. For example, are you interested in a live event, or pre-recorded courses? Is there a particular genre you are hoping to teach? Any preliminary information you can share is helpful. We would love to help you create something special and personal to your needs!
  • Do you offer any one-on-one work with young writers, or feedback on works-in-progress?"
    If your child in looking for more in-depth feedback on their writing, please send us an email including: What your child is working on, their grade, and how far along they are with their project (how many pages). If The Dreamer's Desk is booked, we may be able to direct you towards other resources that we support.
  • Does my child need to purchase any materials for the class?
    Nope! So long as you have access to an internet connection and a computer or tablet, you're all set!
  • What if my child misses a class?
    Each live class at The Dreamer's Desk functions as an independent, complete class. If your child misses a live session, they can join the next and start from the beginning on a new piece of writing with us. Classes can not be made up at a later date or refunded.
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